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Wayuu Bags
L Size: 30 cm diameter and > 30 cm length
Grösse L: 30 cm Durchmesser und > 30 cm Länge

M Size: 20 cm diameter and 30 cm length
Grösse M: 20 cm Durchmesser und 30 cm Länge


S Size: 20 cm diameter and 25 cm length
Grösse S: 20 cm Durchmesser und 25 cm Länge

XS Size

15 cm diameter and 17 cm length
Grösse S: 15 cm Durchmesser und 17 cm Länge

Yukpa Baskets (16CHF/$/EUR)
Yukpa Körbe

Rectangular: 31cm x 24cm x 9cm
Rechteckig: 31cm x 24cm x 9cm

Oval: 27CM x 24 x 10 cm length

Round: 25CM⌀ x 9 cm length (16CHF/$/EUR)
Rund:25CM⌀ x 9 cm Länge

Straw Hats (45 CHF/$)


Tapisserie / Pillow-Cases

Our pillows are made by the Wayuu males in the arid region of la Guajira in Venezuela.
The Wayuu people are an indigenous tribe located in the La Guajira region of Northern Venezuela, near the colombian border. This craft has been a spiritual technique of the Wayuu men to meditate, creating thereby meaningful art.

Pillow cases, 33 cm x 33 cm (33 CHF)

40 cm x 40 cm (40 CHF)

50 cm x 50 cm (50 CHF)

1 Meter x 1 Meter = 90 CHF

img_3177 img_3176

Teppiche /Carpets/  Tapiz / 1,2 Meter x 1,2 Meter






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