Wayuu Mochila Wholesale

These are unique tribal bags, handcrafted by Amerindian Wayuu. The Wayuu are located between Colombia and Venezuela, where they escaped from the western culture and rules.

Would you like to work with us? MAMA TIERRA stands for quality, excellent service and ethical traded artwork. We only distribute high-quality products such as the original firmly woven Wayuu bags. As social anthropologist we also provide accurate information about the Wayuu culture and their material culture.

Learn more about quality differences in the Wayuu market. Don’t buy the two-tread bags since they are low quality and Wayuu people earn little with these bags. These low quality bags are traded as original but they are not, since Wayuu crafts are high quality products. Don’t let you fool buy greedy middlemen. Read more here: https://www.mama-tierra.org/wayuu-charity-bags-the-sad-reality-behind-the-wayuu-bag-business/Schlechte versus gute Qualität

Wayuu women and their work from Mama Tierra on Vimeo.

Please contact us under following email: sales@mama-tierra.com


Each bag is different and represents the environment that surrounds Wayuu’s life, especially elements of Mother Nature: Stars, birds and tracks are common elements in their ancestral designs

The bags are made in La Guajira, a dangerous Guerrilla and from drug smugglers surrounded area in the Caribbean.

Perfekte Wayuu-Tasche

MAMA TIERRA 는 콜롬비아 와 베네수엘라 원주민 들이 만든 작품을 상업화합니다. 우리는 토착 가문 에서 직접 제품을 구입 ; 따라서 추가 비용은 추가되지 않습니다. 
파트너 신청 우리와 함께 일을 하시겠습니까? MAMA TIERRA는 품질, 우수한 서비스 및 윤리적 거래 아트 워크를 추구합니다. 우리는 튼튼하게 짠 Wayuu 가방과 같은 고품질의 제품만을 제공합니다. 

문의 사항이 있으시면 다음 메일로 연락바랍니다: sales@mama-tierra.com 한국으로의 배송 은 10 일 정도 소요 150 달러 의 요금으로 제공됩니다.


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