Value Chain Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empower indigenous women in Colombia and Venezuela. We are working on visualizing our value chain, in order to offer more transparency to consumers.

Mama Tierra offers many products such as: bags, étuis, lamps, t-shirts and pants among others. In order to produce this, we work with women from Colombia and Venezuela using materials from Colombia. Our reason for existing is to empower indigenous women.

We will feed this section with more information about where we source the prime materials and (wo)manwork. One very important point in production is, that we follow an ethnologically-based approach. This means we live with the women for several months and learn also to produce the products we sell.

As a non-profit organization, MAMA TIERRA offers its own upfront payments and work materials. This helps women as they do not have to worry about using their own capital to start. Our team travels to the families each month, this is a 12-hour jeep ride over bumpy country lanes.

Please watch this video bellow, in order to see how we work

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