Wayuu Pillows

Our pillows are made by the Wayuu males in the arid region of la Guajira in Venezuela. The Wayuu people are an ethnic group located in the La Guajira region of Northern Venezuela, near the Colombian border. This craft has been a spiritual technique of the Wayuu men to meditate, creating thereby meaningful art. Females usually draw the designs and the men weave the wall hangings.
Each design reflects elements of mother nature like plants, animals, birds and the sun and the darkness.


We recommend merchants to work with NGOs as their aim is to benefit indigenous communities. Please contact us at sales@mama-tierra.com

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MAMA TIERRA offers pre-payments and working material to the indigenous women so that they do not have to invest their own capital. As NGO our purpose is to improve the quality of life of indigenous communities like the Wayuu.

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Supporting indigenous people, saving mother earth!

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