Lies and manoeuvres of Venezuelan politicians in Geneva – No one does anything!

People Defender’s Office Website

People Defender’s Office Website

The news published on the Venezuelan People Defender’s Office website on Thursday 13th March, struck the Venezuelan community in Switzerland. While Venezuelans were protesting in front of the U.N. against the human rights violations in their country, their Ombudswoman Gabriela Ramírez tweeted about a “prize” she had received from the U.N.  Apparently, for the excellent work Ramírez and her institution carry out. The Ombudswoman was pictured receiving an acknowledgement from Flavia Pansieri, the U.N. Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights and Mr Lawrence Mushwana, described as Chairman of the Institution for Protection of Human Rights (ICC). In reality, the picture was not taken the 13th March 2014 but back in 2013. Moreover, the “recognition” referred retrospectively to the period from 2007 to 2012. Here is the news in English.

This February, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay voiced deep concern with regard to the excessive use of force by the Venezuelan authorities in response to protests. Ms. Pillay urged an impartial, full and independent investigation into every case of death and injury. But how? When the Venezuelan People Defender’s Office, in charge of defending the human rights, is lying publicly and nobody representing those international institution even complain? The Associated Press journalist based at the U.N.,  John Heilprin, just repeated the monologue of the Venezuelan politicians like a parrot without even asking them questions.

Gabriela Ramírez said recently with regard to the human rights violations of the authorities that; “Torture has a meaning. It is used to obtain a confession; a physical suffering is inflicted (on the detainee) in order to lure a confession. We have to differentiate this from excessive treatment or from disproportionate use of force.” Ramírez is the highest deputy of the People Defender’s Office in Venezuela. Anchored in the Venezuelan constitution, the People Defender’s Office is to advocate for the human rights of Venezuelan citizens. And this independently from any interest from the government. Just like an Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) would act.

Parliamentarian Maria Corina Machado beaten up. Again!

On Tuesday members members of Chávez’s socialist party, including the Deputy Nancy Ascencio, beat up the parlamentarian and oppositional leader Maria Corina Machado. The brutal attack happened in Puerto Ordaz, where also the Bishop of Guyana Mariano Parra was injured, among other detractors of the Venezuelan government.

On Friday the Venezuelan parliamentarians Alfonso Marquina, member of the opposition party (MUD) and Francisco García (Parlatino) attended meetings at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). Their purpose was to follow up on complaints made previously to the IPU about violations of human rights to a group of Venezuelan parliamentarians, who were beaten before in the Venezuelan National Assembly 2013. Of course, the parliamentarians reported the recent aggression of Maria Corina Machado as well. The U.N. journalists did not interview these parliamentarians. Why?

Ortega at the U.N.

Ortega at the U.N. 14th March 2014

Also this week, Venezuela’s chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz was supposed to inform the international community about the human rights situation in her country, during the 25th session of the Human Rights Council at the U.N. Instead, Ortega blamed the Venezuelan protestors of acting aggressively against the states institutions, backed up by the U.S. Additionally, the prosecutor also accused United Stated of “violating human rights in Guantanamo, invading Vietnam and Afghanistan”. Following Ortega; Washington’s intention is “seeking to fund violence in Venezuela”. 

“If you can’t convince them confuse them” – Garfield

It seems that accusing the U.S. is an overall strategy of Caracas to deviate the attention of the serious human rights violations in Venezuela. The Venezuelan politicians have repeatedly accused the US of orchestrating social unrest in the country, which left 28 people dead. Nearly all victims, who were protestors, were shot in the head by the armed forces of President Maduro. Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Elias Jaua, has accused US Secretary of State, John Kerry, of inciting violence and called him a “murderer”. President Nicolas Maduro suggested his American counterpart, Barack Obama, following advice: “let’s hope that Mr Obama doesn’t pass into history as the man who attacked Venezuela and filled it with violence.”

The UN, the European Union, Amnesty International, UN Watch, the Pope, Madonna, Hollywood actors and politicians like US Secretary of State John Kerry have expressed their concerns over the violent way demonstrations have been suppressed in Venezuela. There have been about 800 injured and more than 1100 people arrested.  Even more, the NGO “Foro Penal” (Criminal Forum) adds 44 cases of torture. 

Meanwhile violence, torture and death tolls increase daily in Venezuela. Watch this documentaries, share it, tell your neighbour about it. Please spread the word. #SOSVenezuela

Video from the NGO Foro Penal reporting human rights abuses. Foro Penal is responsible for providing free legal defense for students and also to disclose the arrests of political activists.

Watch this documentary from the Venezuelan students.

 Is the Venezuelan People Defender’s Office really an independent institution? Is it really separated of the socialist party? 

Ombudswoman Gabriela Ramírez with the President Hugo Chavez

Ombudswoman Gabriela Ramírez with the President Hugo Chavez. This was for a long time the official image of the Twitter account of  the Venezuelan People Defender’s Office.


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