Famine in La Guajira – VIDEO – Wayuu children starving

From 2008 through 2013, 2965 Indian children have been reported dead in the Colombian Guajira. Child deaths from malnutrition and water shortages sharpens, especially after the closure of the border between Venezuela and Colombia ordered in Caracas.  Since the Wayuu in Colombia used to buy the food in Venezuela due to cheaper prices, the indigenous simply cannot afford the higher cost for food in Colombia.

 Please watch this video by the Colombian channel to realise the infra-human conditions of the Wayuu people. 

Famine in La Guajira – English from Mama Tierra on Vimeo.

The extermination of the indigenous Wayuu people – consequence of Colombia and Venezuela irresponsible governments.

Indigenous children of the Alta Guajira have been the most affected by the lack of food, water and fuel in the region because of the crisis currently happening at the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

After the ban on entry of flour, water, salt, sugar and oil among other goods, about 20 children were admitted to hospitals with high levels of malnutrition.

In late March 2014, the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro implemented a new guard to prevent food to be exported from Venezuela to Colombia, causing a supply shortage of almost 100% to La Guajira. One of the poorest areas in the Americas.


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