Carlos Luis Sánchez: one of the most promising Venezuelan artists

Starting a career as painter at the tender age of 7, Carlos Luis Sánchez is a Venezuelan artist based in Maracaibo. His talent developed rapidly as Carlos has been drafting and painting daily since he was 14. This is the artist’s way to socialise with others, he says. Carlos motives are often linked to indigenous, because he grew up in the Zulia-state, which is the epicentre of the Wayuu tribe. Carlos studied plastic arts in the renown “Universidad del Zulia” in Maracaibo. Today he is one of the most promising young talents of the country.

Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra

Lila Morillo, an  Venezuelan artist, singer, actress with Wayuu-indigenous roots

Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra Bjork Wayuu

Wayuu Bjork

Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra Mujer Wayuu

Wayuu women

1077055_133375526872246_554423066_o sabino romero

Cacique Sabino Romero. A Yukpa indigenous leader murdered 2013 for fighting for his ancestral land.

Yukpas en la Sierra

Yukpa indigenous in la Sierra de Perija. An rainforest threaten to disappear due to the economic plan of Venezuela. Many of the Yukpa people have been murdered or forced to flee do to mining activities of the Venezuelan regime or threats by landlords of Perija like the Vargas family.

El Peruano

Peruvian man

Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra1

Carlos Luis Sánchez: is an contortionist and one of the brightest young talents in Venezuela born in 1987. He has gained international recognition as the mention of honour  “Salon Pintura Miranda de Hispanoamerica” in Spain 2009.

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